The Daniela Hair Style Salon has been running since 1.July 2012 and is named after its founder and owner Daniela Janotova.

When selecting the place and style of the salon the emphasis was placed upon the customers convenience. Apart from cutting, colouring and highlighting we also provide services such as hairstyling, wedding hairstyling, extentions and straightening.

There is a detailed consultation prior to each visit in order to understand the needs of our clients. We regularly take part in a variety of training courses and seminars and are constantly improving our skills according to current trends and techniques.

We are aware of the fact that even the best quality services must be supported by quality products thus we work only with high quality hair cosmetics that can also be purchased from us.

The Daniela Hair Style Salon can be found in the beautiful and quiet surroundings of Drtinova street in Smichov where we will be looking forward to your visit...